Winter Conference

25 students came with us to a conference where we focused on encountering God.

One of the highlights of this conference is a day of outreach where our students take boxes filled with food into the communities surrounding Greensboro and meet real physical needs as well as getting to meet spiritual needs as well by sharing their faith.

These were some of the things we heard from our students:

“I want to be able to say to the Lord ‘there’s nothing left…I have no more talent.'”

“Once I said ‘God can use me’ I realized that He really would even though I felt inadequate.”

“I’ve been trained to share my faith before, but today I did it for the first time…I got to share with a lady today, she thought she was a believer, but after talking she realized she had never made a decision to follow Christ.  It’s addicting.  I just want to keep sharing.”

Myra Grace’s highlight of the week was playing with her friend Jacob and going to childcare classes.

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