C of C Cru and Prayer

A couple of weeks ago during one of our leadership meetings we reflected on how we were doing as a ministry in our core areas: prayer, outreach, discipleship and sending.  Now last semester you could find students at C of C praying at least every Monday night and usually a couple of more times too.  However as we evaluated this area we realized we were hardly meeting at all to pray together for our campus and for those who don’t know Christ.  It was a tough conversation topic because we all realized that we let the most important area of ministry become week.  But it didn’t end there, in fact in stead of being down about it, the students on their own initiative decided that something had to be done immediately.  That afternoon, some of the students began to post on facebook asking others when they could meet to pray.  That little spark has now turned into what seems like a full out wild fire where students are meeting every day of the week to pray for God to move, sometimes multiple times a day!

We are so proud of our leaders for owning praying for C of C.  Please join us in praying for God to move in a mighty way.  And if you’d like to have some resources for prayer or have some prayer requests to share just let us know!

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