Getting Close…

If you saw the prayerletter, here is the link to “Aaron’s Testimony”….

If you didn’t….Aaron is a graduate of CofC and is interning with our team this year before enrolling in seminary this coming fall.  Brandon is taking Aaron through new staff training.  The link above is how Aaron came to love Jesus.

Well  Ansley is only a few weeks away from delivery and surprisingly we feel like the Lord has really given us a peace about being ready for number 2.  We haven’t settled on a name yet, not because we don’t want to, we are just having trouble picking one….it was a lot easier to name a girl for us….we had 3 potential names for Myra Grace.

Thursday was B’s birthday which he celebrated by doing his normal thursday activities….mentoring the guys in his Bible study and attending CofC’s cru meeting, which he actually spoke for.  At CofC this semester they are teaching through “Parables of the Gospels.”  B spoke on Matthew 20:1-16 (the parable of the vineyard workers).

Myra Grace is loving life and learning something new everyday it seems.  She loves for someone to chase her around the apartment, she can now climb up on the couch using pillows (that she places on the ground herself) and is YELLING all of the words she knows how to say.  She is so animated!

Be sure to check out the updated prayer requests

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