Christmas 2010

This year it was really fun to see Christmas through Myra Grace’s eyes. Our staff team threw a Christmas party for our students (about 80 students came).

Myra Grace’s bedtime is 7 but she stayed up and didn’t get into bed til almost 9:30.  One of our students was dressed up as Santa…Myra Grace wasn’t too interested (sorry Josh).

Two of the girls who attend College of Charleston (Rebekah and Ashley) painted a picture of Frosty the Snowman for decoration…Myra Grace fell in love with it…Brandon brought it home for her and it now hangs in her room.  Every day before her naps and bed she says “night night” to Frosty.

Her favorite book during December was called “What is Christmas?” I highly recommend this book for your children or a gift for someone.  Christmas cookies, Santa, mistletoe, reindeer, etc- “all these things are great and superduper fun” but “Jesus is the real reason we have a Christmas day.”

We read this book over and over again, so much so that Myra Grace could point to everything.  Because of this, when my mom and I took her to the mall to get her picture made with Santa, she LOVED him and sat on his lap as he read her this book (hopefully he wasn’t too offended about it not all being about him).

With all of the transition going on in our lives we felt like staying home for Christmas would be the smartest decision for our family.  The week before Christmas my (Ansley) dad, Jewel (his wife) and Blake (one of her sons) came to visit and have Christmas.  We had SO much fun!  Thanks for traveling to see us!

My brother, Townson, was home from Los Angeles where he is currently working on the set of Spiderman 4.  I’m proud!

On Christmas morning we had our traditional breakfast and opened gifts at my mom and Charlie’s house.  By this point Myra Grace had gotten really good at pulling out tissue paper.  Her Christmas morning pjs came from Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC.

We were then off to Rich Hill to be with Brandon’s parents on the way to our Encounter Winter Conference in Greensboro, NC.  On Christmas night it began snowing and when we woke up on the 26th it was a Winter Wonderland (not a common occurance in SC).  Myra Grace had a little learning curve walking in her big girl rain boots in the snow but she enjoyed it!

All in all it was a good Christmas…next we were off to Encounter Winter Conference in Greensboro, NC with 1100+ students (see our next blog)

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