Brooklyn, Brooklyn Take Us In

It’s been 2.5 years since we moved out of Brooklyn to join the Cru team in Charleston, SC.  But as we left, well we really didn’t “leave” in all aspects of the word.  Our desire to move to Charleston was in our eyes and hearts a strategic one.  We didn’t leave Brooklyn because we didn’t like it or that is was too big or too fast paced or any other typical reason that someone might leave a big city.  Instead, we left because we saw an opportunity.

manhattan bridge

This Saturday is a part of that opportunity.  For the second year in a row, we are leading and have helped plan/coordinate 3 weeks of spring break mission trips to nyc.  Over the next couple of weeks students from the College of Charleston, UNC-Wilmington, NC State, Florida, Southern Miss, UNC-Chapel Hill, Miami, USC, UNC-Greensboro and Alabama (roughly 250 students and staff) will make their way to NYC to work along side of our co-workers on the NY Metro Team that we used to be a part of.

While there, these students and staff will have a couple of objectives:

  1. starting new ministries – many of, if not most of nyc campuses don’t have any type of Christian outlet.  our group will seek to network with nyc students as they share their faith in Jesus with those that don’t know about Him and help those that are Believers get connected to the NYC team.
  2. sandy relief – in light of sandy, our teams will also work along side of the Brooklyn Presbyterian Relief to help in the reconstruction of Brooklyn

Because many of the students and staff are not aware of the needs of ministry in nyc and the opportunities there, we saw it fit to help promote it from the ground and get people there in hopes that some, many of them would be called to serve God in some capacity in the city.  This is too why we lead the mission trip this past summer, which we have a few students from that team who are considering moving there who would have never considered it prior to spending time there.

Please pray for the hundreds of conversations that are about to take place all over the city.  Pray that we can start a new ministry on a campus that will make it possible for students on that campus to know about Jesus and the hope that is offered through a relationship with Him.

Pray that the logistics work out.

Praise God for my sister taking a week of vacation to keep the kids so that Ansley and I both get to work together on this project.

We can’t wait to share how God works through these couple of weeks.  Thanks for praying!

One thought on “Brooklyn, Brooklyn Take Us In

  1. christy says:

    I know the Lord is going to work through you guys and display His glory in mighty ways!! Praying for your time and all the people whose lives will be touched!

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