CofC in New York City

This is Sam.  He is a freshman at College of Charleston.  Brandon disciples him and leads his Bible study (pictured below) at College of Charleston.  Sam went to NYC for Spring Break with 12 others from CofC to join a group of 80 for the week to work along side the NYC Metro team that we worked with the past 2 years while in Brooklyn.  During the week Sam got to go to Lehman College in the Bronx.

The following is an account of one of his interactions at Lehman…

 I got the privilege of going to Lehman College in the Bronx.  I had an awesome time and was able to get into spiritual conversations with at least 10 students!  God was amazing through the whole time.  The students who I talked to were all excited to hear about Jesus.  One student in particular,Lenny, she was sitting in between two columns in the lunch room.  I didnt really see her at first, but I noticed after awhile that she had been watching me do soularium with some other students.  I walked over there, and she said “finally, I was about to think you were not going to make to me” (haha).  I ended up going through soularium with her, and it turned out she was a Christian.  While we were talking she said “she wanted to share the gospel with a few of her friends on campus, but she didn’t know how. ”  I was able to teach her how to use the Knowing God Personally booklet  so she could share the gospel with her friends!  This is definitely my favorite memory of NYC.  Not just because she wanted to talk to me, not because she did soularium, or even because i shared the KGP with her.  It really is because I saw how God uses everybody.  He is already raising up leaders on these campuses.  God has this awesome plan for Lehman college, and I think its amazing how Lenny is responding to God and is experiencing what God can do if your willing to listen.  It was a real big aid to my own spiritual walk because I was reminded how exciting it is to do God’s work!  How exciting it is that God has chosen me to be one of his ministers to this world, even though I mess up.      —  Sam

Here is a picture of Lehman College…as you can see it is very different from the average NYC campus.  Please pray for more people like Lenny to get connected with our staff there in the city so that Christ may have a great impact on the students and faculty at Lehman.

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