Semester Wrap Up

Christ Party

Tacky Sweater Party – Final Cru meeting at CofC 2012

The last Cru weekly meeting of the semester is always a little bittersweet.  It represents the end of a long fall, and a little change of pace, but also a time to reflect on how God has worked in the lives of the students pictured.  The sweetness represented in this picture is not only the awesome tackiness of the sweaters, but the fact that we had 62 students at our LAST meeting of the semester!  If you follow patterns of any organization on campus, the November/December months are notoriously know for a drop in attendance and participation.  Thankfully, we’ve seen quite the opposite this year and we hope to carry that momentum into the spring.

About 15 students from cofc have placed their faith in Christ this fall!  I believe it has a lot to do with this picture above.  These students are loving each other well, serving one another – and not just the people involved in cru, but even more so the ones that are not involved.

That same night I spoke to our students about their upcoming time at home with their families.  I encouraged them to consider the different ways that the celebrate this time of year, and challenged them to make them more than most of us usually do – consume.  I encouraged things like: serving at a shelter together as a family, intentionally talking about what it means to you that Jesus was born or sponsoring a family overseas through a Christian ministry by buying livestock or providing funds for them to dig a well for clean water.

Our hope is that we/they don’t get to January with regret.  Regret that too much money was spent on us and too little good for the gospel of Jesus was accomplished.  I pray that you too would hope for this.


B Speaking at CofC

B Speaking at CofC


dreamed about since college…

Over the summer we have experienced some transitions on our staff team here in the Lowcountry. One of our team members, Shannon Justice (also a former student from Winthrop that we worked with) is going to help lead a team to the Dominican Republic for the year, a new partnership we are working with. And another family, Chad and Elizabeth Young, are moving to Atlanta to give leadership to the Southeast Region of Cru (GA, FL, LA, MS, AL). Chad has been the director here for the last 6 years, and we are excited about his next step but will miss him and his leadership a ton.

Here’s where the new role comes in…I will be giving leadership to our Lowcountry team this upcoming year. Ever since I first got involved with Cru back at cofc I’ve wanted the opportunity to work with the ministry here. To be able to do that the last 2 years has been such a blessing and growth opportunity for me and Ansley. Now, to be able to give leadership to a part of the state that we love so dearly on top of the work we are already doing is amazing. We covet your prayers for our team during the transition and especially for me as I lead our team. And pray especially for these 4 schools that we are working with this upcoming year.