Beach Bash – Welcome Event

It’s been a month since the beginning of school and i we feel like this has been the first 20 laps of the Daytona 500, that fast.  I hope to be able to give you a glimpse into what has happend both in Cru and our family in the next couple of posts.

What does every freshman in Charleston want to do the first weekend of campus…..THE BEACH!  Yep, everyone is living for Saturday to go spend the day at the beach, the reason most of them choose to come to school here 🙂  So our team decided that because interest is so high we should capitalize on that and provide a place to hang out for the day and provide food too.

We had over 200 people attend!  This was by far one of our best welcome events, praise God!  Throughout the day, as we looked at the massive amount of people out on our section of the beach, we saw our student leaders engaging with the freshman and making them feel so welcome.  Because we had a house for the day, the environment was great even for those that don’t really like the beach, by staying in and playing board games or just relaxing on the porch.

This event has generated so much momentum for this fall.  I’ll write more about what it has done specifically later.

Here are a couple of pics from some of our Cru Beach Bash.  Enjoy and thanks for praying.

b and ans gettting ready to welcome the masses

the parking lot – the masses

the line for food

B sitting with a freshman guy

lowcountry staff team